The American Dream in Default: The Black Male‘s Battle Against Racism

Despite the fact that Barack Obama, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson have achieved international fame, Black males in America still suffer disproportionately from incarceration, poverty, unemployment, health disparities, etc. Over fifty years after America’s Civil Rights movement, Black males still face high levels of discrimination. This lecture considers racism in America, and broader issues of gender, inequality, and marginalization as it relates to Black males in the context of politics, policy, and street level enforcement of laws that result in negative consequences.

Joseph Strickland ist stellvertretender Direktor und leitender Wissenschaftler des Jane Addams Center for Social Policy and Research der University of Illinois at Chicago. Er ist ebenfalls Herausgeber des Zeitschrift Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. Seine Forschung bezieht sich auf Afro-Amerikanische Männer und ihre Inhaftierung. Sein Doktortitel erhielt Strickland an der University of Illinois at Chicago

Achtung! Der Vortrag findet am Berliner Tor 5 in Raum1.11 statt.